Building on 60 years of continuous R&D at Chesterford, the Park is now home to innovative biotechs and pharmaceutical companies. Find out more about the location of our thriving community, current building and future building plots here:


  1. 7-hole Par 3 Golf Course 
  2. Main Entrance Road
  3. The Churchill Building Plot
  4. Building 25
  5. The Science Village
  6. Marten House
  7. The Nucleus
  8. The Mansion House
  9. The Selwyn Building Plot
  10. The Sidney Sussex Building Plot
  11. The Gonville Building
  12. The Pembroke Building
  13. The Hodgkin Building
  14. The Churchill Building
  15. The Downing Building Plot
  16. The Robinson Building
  17. The Emmanuel Building
  18. The Caius & Girton Building Plot
  19. The Newnham Building
  20. The Homerton Building Plot
  21. The St. Catherine's Building Plot
  22. The Queen's Building Plot
  23. The Corpus Christi, Clare and King's Building Plot
  24. The Wolfston, St. Edmunds, St. Johns and Lucy Cavendish Building Plot
  25. The Fitzwilliam Building Plot



William Clarke, Savills
Tel: (01223) 347 294
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Amanda Newman, Events Executive
Tel: (01799) 532 263
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Katherine Maguire, Park Manager
Tel: (01799) 532 252
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