Isogenica and Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research add two more projects to their contractual relationship

The relationship between Isogenica and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) in Maryland USA, a government-owned, contractor-operated research and development facility currently operated by Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc., grows stronger as the start of two more projects are announced. The multi-project contract is aiming to develop molecules that can be used in clinical laboratory assays to measure biomarkers correlated with the molecular effectiveness of cancer immuno-oncology agents.

The team at Isogenica will develop and optimise their VHH (variable domain of a heavy chain) antibodies (or nanobodies, highly versatile small format antibodies), which are used to construct next generation biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, and other serious diseases.

Alliances Manager at Isogenica, Claudia Fernandes reported, “Isogenica is excited to announce the start of two new projects with the FNLCR and the strengthening of our ongoing contractual relationship. We strive to offer the FNLCR unique VHH tools to achieve their health-oriented goals and further their strides in clinical research.”

Article sourced from: www.isogenica.com
Published on: 28.03.23