New Allergyfocus Test From Oncologica Identifies Over 99% of Common Allergies

Oncologica, a leading healthcare testing laboratory based in Cambridge UK, has launched a new Allergyfocus test that helps sufferers discover what common global allergens their bodies react to.

Across the world allergies are on the rise. It is estimated that 20% of children and 30% of adults develop allergies in their lifetime. People can be allergic to pollen, dust, pet dander or certain foods triggering rashes, eczema, wheezing, hay fever, vomiting, stomach pains or even anaphylactic shock.

It can be difficult for sufferers to know whether signs and symptoms they are experiencing are related to an allergy because they can be commonly seen in other conditions. It is an overreaction of the immune system to allergens, which typically occurs within seconds or minutes or several hours after exposure.

The important clues as to whether the immune system is being involved can now be revealed with the Allergyfocus test. Using a simple self-sample finger prick collection kit taken in the comfort of the home, the allergy test sample is returned and tested in Oncologica’s accredited laboratory. The antibody allergy test sample is compared with 300 allergens which cover 99% of common global allergens to measure levels of IgE antibodies with fast results provided within 3 days of sample receipt.

“Our allergy test is safe and uses a small volume of blood to give a diagnostic readout” said Dr Marco Loddo Oncologica Co-Founder and Scientific Director “Allergyfocus detects antibodies that are raised against a particular allergen. The antibody allergy test helps sufferers avoid the trial and elimination approach to identifying the cause of their allergic reactions and multiple visits to allergy specialists. The fast and accurate allergy test provides a comprehensive personalised antibody profile of allergy triggers to aid precise diagnosis and helps guide sufferers and healthcare professionals to the appropriate next steps.”

The Allergyfocus test covers allergic reactions to

  • Pollen from trees and grasses
  • Proteins secreted from house dust mites
  • Moulds
  • Foods eg. nuts, milk, shellfish, eggs
  • Pets eg cats, dogs, horses, rabbits
  • Wasp and bee venom and much more

The Allergyfocus test can revolutionise an individual’s allergy management and is suitable for sufferers aged 10 years and over. Knowing exactly what you are allergic to allows you to take steps to reduce exposure to the allergen and avoid positive foods from your diet to enable a considerable improvement in quality of life.

Read more at https://oncologica.com/new-allergyfocus-test/

Article sourced from: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220607006111/en/New-Allergyfocus-Test-From-Oncologica-Identifies-Over-99-of-Common-Allergies
Published on: 09.06.22