Isogenica multi-year multi-target collaboration with Aro Biotherapeutics extended

Isogenica Ltd, a leader in the use of synthetic biology and in vitro display for the discovery and optimisation of novel biotherapeutics, announced today that it has extended its multi-year, multi-target collaboration and license agreement with Aro Biotherapeutics.

The expansion builds on a successful partnership initiated in 2018, under which Isogenica has been responsible for the identification and characterisation of Centyrins against target antigens. These human proteins have been engineered to have unique properties that make them ideally suited to target receptors on specific cells and deliver complex drug payloads to specific disease sites. 

Isogenica’s Director of Alliances, Dr Bill Eldridge, said: “Aro is pursuing innovative science including previously undruggable targets where the internalisation of payloads will be critical for therapeutic success. I’m delighted we’ve been successful in delivering key outcomes to help build Aro’s growing therapeutics pipeline”. 

“Aro Biotherapeutics’ successful collaboration with Isogenica is a great example of two companies with complementary expertise and technologies coming together to accelerate the development of novel tissue-specific targeting therapeutics” said Dr Karyn O-Neil, co-founder and CSO of Aro Biotherapuetics. 


Article sourced from: https://www.isogenica.com/isogenica-multi-year-multi-target-collaboration-with-aro-biotherapeutics-extended/
Published on: 18.01.21