Taylor-made: Great things expected of Axol’s new CEO

Human cell technology business Axol Bioscience has a new CEO to steer the next phase of global growth from its Cambridge UK and Massachusetts US facilities.

Based locally at Chesterford Research Park, Axol has recruited the highly regarded Liam Taylor who replaces Yichen Shi who stepped down at the end of July having headed the company from startup. The company is also currently hiring fresh technical talent on the US side of the Atlantic.

Among his most celebrated successes Taylor was previously MD and CEO at global diagnostics company BBI Solutions. There his strategic skills triggered a significant boost in operating profit and ramped the group’s cash pile.

Some industry observers believe he has the credentials to get Axol in the kind of shape that could trigger a lucrative and timely acquisition by an international player while the technology is red hot.

For now Axol is happy to continue building the company on the world stage: It provides highly validated human iPSC-derived cells and primary cells from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds, together with optimised media and growth supplements. 

Axol’s vision from Day One has been to develop the best human cell biology research tools to advance medical research and drug discovery. 

The company has the bonus of having serial life science entrepreneur Jonathan Milner as its chairman. Milner, who also co-founded the business with Yichen Shi back in 2012, told me: “We are super excited to get Liam on board.”


Article sourced from: https://www.businessweekly.co.uk/news/recruitment/taylor-made-great-things-expected-axol’s-new-ceo
Published on: 25.08.20