Isogenica announces multimillion-pound agreement with recently nasdaq listed Biontech SE

Isogenica has entered into a multi-target, multi-year partnership with BioNTech.

The partnership follows hot on the heels of BioNTech’s €350 million fund raise and Summer 2019 IPO, the third largest IPO for a European Biotech. The funding is expected to propel several of BioNTech’s clinical and preclinical assets into the later stages of development. BioNTech is pursuing an ambitious growth strategy based on several proprietary drug modalities including antibody-drug conjugates, cell therapy and multi-specific antibody therapeutics.

Isogenica’s versatile single domain platform, LlamdA, will be deployed in VHH therapeutic antibody discovery. The antibodies are to be incorporated into BioNTech’s modalities which are destined for the clinic in immuno-oncology. This is a truly collaborative partnership, combining Isogenica’s expertise and maximising on BioNTech’s in-house discovery efforts through licensing of the LlamdA library. Under the terms of the multimillion-pound agreement, Isogenica is eligible to receive an upfront payment, research funding and licence fees, as well as preclinical, clinical and sales milestones on LlamdA™ antibody-based therapeutics deriving from the collaboration.


Article sourced from: https://www.isogenica.com/isogenica-announces-multimillion-pound-agreement-with-recently-nasdaq-listed-biontech-se/
Published on: 09.01.2020