Arecor signs a new multi-product collaboration with a major global pharmaceutical company

Arecor Limited, the specialty pharmaceutical company leveraging its innovative and proprietary formulation technology, ArestatTM to develop superior treatments for a range of disease areas, including diabetes, today announces that it has signed a collaboration with a new major global pharmaceutical partner.

Under the collaboration, Arecor will leverage its ArestatTM technology to develop superior liquid formulations of its partner’s proprietary products. The partner will fund the development work and has the option to acquire the rights to the formulation and associated Intellectual Property under a technology licensing model. 

This partnership further demonstrates the value of Arecor’s ArestatTM technology platform in delivering superior therapeutic treatments that are otherwise not achievable.

Sarah Howell, Chief Executive Officer at Arecor, said: "This new partnership with a major pharmaceutical company further strengthens our pipeline of commercial projects within our formulation technology business. Our commercial relationships with pharmaceutical partners represent the opportunity to showcase both our technology and scientific expertise. With the option to grant an exclusive licence to the formulation developed, we potentially have an ongoing role to support our pharmaceutical partner in the development of their superior therapeutic products.”