Arecor announces superfast insulin data

Arecor announces superfast insulin data presentations at the American Diabetes Association 78TH Scientific Sessions. 

Arecor Ltd, the UK-based leading formulation technology company, today announces that its abstract supporting the application of its proprietary Arestat™ technology platform to enable a superfast insulin product has been accepted for a poster presentation at the upcoming American Diabetes Association 78th Scientific Sessions, from June 22 - 26, 2018 in Orlando, FL, USA. 

During this meeting, Professor Thomas Pieber, a key member of Arecor’s Scientific Advisory Board, will present a poster detailing the pre-clinical results of Arecor’s superfast insulin. 

“We are very pleased to be presenting details of our proprietary superfast insulin programme for the first time at this year’s ADA Scientific Sessions and to an international audience of experts dedicated to improving the life of people with diabetes. These results further confirm the potential of our proprietary formulation technology to deliver a next generation superfast acting insulin and to improve the treatment options and quality of life of people living with diabetes,” commented Dr Sarah Howell, Chief Executive Officer of Arecor.