Isogenica announce new licensing deal with Maverick Therapeutics

Science Village based Isogenica Ltd, a leader in the design and construction of innovative and highly diverse synthetic antibody libraries, today announced a new licensing deal with Maverick Therapeutics, a private start-up biotechnology company utilising a proprietary T-cell engagement format for the development of novel T-cell redirection therapies.

Under the terms of the agreement, Isogenica has granted licences to its family of llamdA ™ VHH single-domain antibody libraries for the discovery, development and commercialisation of therapeutic products derived from these libraries. Isogenica is entitled to an upfront and annual licence payments. If antibodies are advanced into development, Isogenica is entitled to further commercial upfront and milestone payments.

Isogenica is a synthetic biology company focusing on the design and build of diverse antibody libraries for use in biopharmaceuticals. Partners can access an advanced camelid single-domain antibody library (llamdA ™) and will soon be able to access a state-of-the-art, fully synthetic and highly diverse human Fab library.  The company uses its proprietary Colibra™ library technology to ensure that the constructs very accurately reflect its advanced library designs. Libraries can be screened in various formats, including phage and CIS-Display, a proprietary in vitro display technology which maintains the high diversity of the llamdA™ libraries through the discovery process.

Maverick, an MPM Capital portfolio company, was founded in 2016. On January 17, 2017, Maverick Therapeutics Inc., a spin-out from Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc., and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited(TSE:4502) announced that they have entered an exclusive partnership to develop Maverick’s T-cell engagement platform created specifically to improve the utility of T-cell redirection therapy for the treatment of cancer. Maverick’s novel T-cell engagement format has the potential to eliminate the toxicity challenges inherent in the use of T-cell redirection therapy due to the expression of target antigen on normal tissue. Maverick’s therapeutic antibodies are designed to be inactive upon administration but fully active in the tumor microenvironment.