Evonetix take two suites within Science Village

Evonetix, a spin out company from Cambridge Consultants Ltd, has chosen Chesterford as the location from which to continue to grow. The Start-up developing and commercialising a new approach to the synthesis of DNA has taken two suites in Science Village.

Evonetix was founded in late 2015 with the support of Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL) and the entrepreneur and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners, Hermann Hauser. The company is developing a novel method of manufacturing DNA molecules, using a microchip-based array. The resulting economies of scale mean that Evonetix’ technology will be more economical and flexible than the currently available methods, as well as being more comprehensive in its output. Given that DNA is the raw material for the fast-emerging and exciting field of synthetic biology, economical and flexible manufacture is critical.

Nick McCook, CEO, Evonetix commented of the move: “I am personally delighted to be back at Chesterford, having been CEO at Solexa; pioneers of next-generation sequencing and a previous occupier at the Park that eventually went on to become part of Illumina.  Our CSO, Joe Brennan, was also part of the Solexa team and we have enjoyed a long and successful association with Chesterford and one which we look forward to continuing as we develop Evonetix.”