RPC take on further space within the Mansion House to support growing team

The Park is delighted to confirm that the mathematical modeling team of RPC Consulting has expanded its presence at Chesterford, moving from the Garden Cottage to Suites 4 and 5 within the Mansion House.

RPC Consulting specialise in assisting clients within the insurance sector with risk management, drawing on their team of actuaries, accountants, MBAs and PhDs to deliver solutions to the unique challenges faced by this industry.  In addition to its strong technical and management consulting insurance specialism, RPC Consulting also utilises bespoke, world-class mathematical modelling software, Tyche.  The company’s software team, who support and develop Tyche, are based at Chesterford Research Park.

Tyche isa cutting-edge Monte Carlo simulator, with ‘supercomputer’ performance capabilities. Itis ideally suited to handle a wide range of modelling, statistical and machine-learning problems accurately and efficiently. Tyche spectacularly reduces run times: calculations that might have previously needed to run overnight can, with Tyche, be run in minutes or in some cases seconds. The usability of Tyche furthermore allows clients to build complex models in a fraction of the time previously required, enabling them to be used in the day-to-day running of client businesses.

Tyche’s ground-breaking technologies harness the latest advances in hardware and numerical algorithms to help clients step up to the ever-changing demands of the regulatory and reporting environments. Whether modeling capital, pricing risk (personal and commercial) or reserving, Tyche’s intuitive and responsive approach brings teams together in an agile framework to reliably deliver accurate results.

Tyche was originally developed by Mark Sinclair-McGarvie, a founding partner of Marriott Sinclair, with Peter Marriott and then Alun Marriott leading the commercial side of the business. Founded in 2012, Marriott Sinclair experienced significant success with the software and the decision was taken in July 2015 to sell the company to RPC Consulting to secure the future development of the software and growth of the team.