Enplas takes a suite within Science Village

The Park is delighted to welcome Enplas. The Cambridge Enplas Life Science Laboratory, part of Enplas EU Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enplas Corporation have taken a five-year lease within the Park’s Science Village.

Pioneers in engineering plastics since 1962, the Enplas Corporation has an annual turnover of $400M and employs over 4,000 people across seven manufacturing sites and multiple offices worldwide.  Having developed and manufactured leading edge components for the automotive, telecommunications and optical (LED) industries, Enplas moved into the life science industry 15 years ago to rise to the challenge of applying microfabrication technologies to the design and manufacture of precision components for the sector. Enplas’ proprietary ultra-precise microfabrication and moulding technologies and unrivalled development capabilities have enabled the organisation to develop and mass produce various life science products, including high-precision, high performance microfluidic chips for biology applications such as sample prep, fluid control, biochemical reaction/cell culture and droplet generation.

By understanding the needs of the market, particularly in the area of cancer diagnostics and screening, the Cambridge Enplas Life Science Laboratory will continue to pursue technological innovation to maximise the potential of plastic to establish new cornerstones for the future development of the life sciences. 

Output from the Enplas laboratory at Chesterford is key to the overall Enplas Corporation and it’s work will underpin Enplas businesses in the US, Asia and Europe.

Enplas chose Chesterford as the location for its R&D laboratory to leverage the strong research and development connections abundant in and around Cambridge and throughout the Cambridge, Oxford, London triangle; within which Enplas already have a number of collaborative academic and commercial projects in place.

Jim Ballesty, General Manager commented of the move to Chesterford: “We viewed a number of laboratory spaces during our search but Chesterford stood out due to its exceptional combination of plug-and-play laboratory facilities and central amenities within The Nucleus.  The nature of our projects will fuel our growth and at Chesterford we have a laboratory set up that will enable that growth without the need to move.

“Existing Park occupiers were also a significant attraction to us. Our model is very much a collaborative one and we hope to build mutually beneficial relationships with fellow life science organisations at the Park as we develop and grow.”