Chesterford Research Park proves ideal new home for Domainex

Provider of integrated drug discovery services benefits from enhanced space within the Churchill Building. 

Established in 2001, Domainex is a privately-owned, rapidly-growing drug research company with expertise in expression of disease target proteins, hit discovery, hit-to-lead identification and lead optimisation. It has an established reputation for its high-quality, innovative approach and has a sustained track record of delivering preclinical drug candidates. Domainex has a wide range of UK and international clients including biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and several leading academic groups.

To facilitate expansion across all aspects of its drug research service business, including the biology, analytical and medicinal chemistry departments, Domainex signed a long-term lease with Aviva Investors in October 2015 to provide it with the facilities and infrastructure required to support the company’s growth. Following a period of refurbishment, Domainex transitioned into its new facility, the Churchill Building, in August.

The existing 20,000 sq ft building has been refurbished to meet Domainex’s immediate and future requirements for chemistry and biology laboratory space. Works included the addition of a new laboratory access corridor, new windows throughout and a re-organisation of the internal layouts plus the addition of a new reception lobby. The external aesthetics of the building were also enhanced via the re-cladding of the roof. The building gives Domainex more than a two-fold increase in laboratory space, allowing the company to start to recruit the additional experienced and ambitious medicinal chemists, assay biologists, analytical chemists and protein scientists required to fuel its continued growth.

Trevor Perrior, Chief Scientific Officer of Domainex commented of the move: “The Domainex service business has been growing rapidly over several years, and it was obvious that we needed to find new premises that would allow scope for that expansion to continue, and also provide a first-class working environment for our team. Our new laboratories at Chesterford are exactly what we were looking for, and have given us the space we need to expand across all departments. We anticipate that the high-quality of our new building and the excellent on-site facilities will help us to attract the new staff we now want to recruit.”