Axol Bioscience re-locate to Chesterford to facilitate future growth

The stem cell disease model specialists join Chesterford’s Science Village community, taking space within the Park’s prestigious, ‘plug and play’ laboratory accommodation.

Chesterford Research Park is delighted to announce Axol’s arrival at the Park. Previously based at Babraham Research Campus, Axol’s move to Chesterford has been necessitated by the organic growth of its business, as a result of the expansion of its product lines and the resulting uptake of its products by customers, making an expansion of its R&D and production facilities necessary.

Axol specialises in the use of stem cell technology to produce highly validated, human cells and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. The organisation’s expertise includes the reprogramming of cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and the differentiation of these into various cell types. iPSCs propagate indefinitely, as well as give rise to every other cell type in the body (such as neurons, heart, and liver cells) making them a single source of cells that could be used to replace those lost to disease or damage – particularly interesting from a regenerative medicine perspective. The differentiated cells are derived from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds. As well as working with its own cells, Axol also undertakes reprogramming (where necessary) and differentiation of primary or iPSC cells provided by its pharmaceutical industry customers – thereby freeing up their time to focus on research.

In addition, Axol’s in-house R&D team work to improve existing media, coating solutions and reagents as well as innovate new products for human cell culture, resulting in an expansion of Axol’s product line and the creation of a portfolio of products that will facilitate and enhance the further development of it’s customers life-changing research.

Yichen Shi, Chief Executive Officer, Axol commented of the move: “Chesterford Research Park is ideally positioned to offer us not only the space we need now, but also the opportunity for expansion in the future which is incredibly important for us. We looked at a variety of options but Chesterford stood out due to its location within the cluster, convenient access to major road, rail and air routes and proximity to some of the biggest pharmaceutical players in the industry.  We are delighted to be joining the Park community.”

The Science Village at Chesterford Research Park is an ideal HQ for both established and start-up companies which require flexible, high quality and prestigious self-contained accommodation.  The innovative, energy efficient building offers individual R&D suites ranging from 1,515 sq ft to 1,993 sq ft, plus excellent flexibility by combining spaces for larger occupation.  The fully fitted accommodation - served by high-speed data connectivity and Cat 6 cabling - is also supported by a back up generator. Each suite has demountable benching; two sinks and two fume hoods (with space for a third if required), housed within their own dedicated room.

For further information regarding occupancy options please contact the joint agents for Chesterford Research Park – William Clarke at Savills (01223) 347294 or Michael Jones at Dodson Jones (01223) 358114.