Race to Lapland challenge inspires Nucleus gym members!

Race to Lapland challenge inspires Nucleus gym members!

In November, the Nucleus health and fitness centre, in association with Nuffield Health, launched its ‘Race to Lapland Challenge’.

Over 60 participants entered for a chance to win a Harrods Hamper worth over £500!

The aim of the challenge was simple; gain 2,000 miles over the course of November! Every 15 minutes of exercise completed equated to 50 miles. In other words, spending 10 hours exercising at the gym enabled members to reach the target.

In order to support everyone taking part and motivate them to achieve the full 2,000 miles every studio class attended gained members an additional 25 miles in addition to what they would have earned by participating in the exercise alone. Unsurprisingly, the miles accumulated rapidly during the course of the month.  Congratulations go to our three very worthy winners:

First: Ben Cooper with a massive 3,440 miles.

Second: Shyam Bechar with 3375 miles.

Third: Charlie Cooper with 3260 miles.

Given the popularity of the Lapland challenge we will continue this theme in 2015, introducing brand new challenges and exciting prizes.