Oncologica's success drives expansion at the Park

Oncologica, the Diagnostic Services and Contract Research Organisation take a further suite within The Science Village, Chesterford’s high quality, prestigious self-contained accommodation.

Chesterford Research Park is delighted to announce Oncologica’s expansion within the Science Village building on the Park, doubling their space via the occupation of an adjoining suite.

Oncologica provides precision oncology testing, via its revolutionary targeted sequencing platform, Oncofocus, to address the growing demand for personalised molecular profiling of cancer patients for targeted therapies. Utilising this state-of-the-art next generation semi-conductor sequencing technology (NGS), Oncologica’s scientists and clinicians are able to rapidly detect actionable mutations in patients’ tumour samples to precisely match these alterations with new generation targeted therapies.

Oncofocus is the world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test covering all solid tumour types, detecting thousands of genetic variants across the most clinically relevant cancer driver genes linked to over 270 targeted therapies. Intelligent design is driven by Oncologica’s bioinformatics platform linked to the world’s largest curated compendium of cancer genomic information, which includes content aligned to approved therapies, current practice guidelines and open clinical trials. The Oncofocus Reporter analyses the output from Oncofocus assay platform to identify and prioritise potential treatment strategies.

Oncologica is the first laboratory in Europe to offer this type of personalised oncology service, the major advantages of which include:

  • A dramatic reduction in the cost of molecular profiling and the time required to analyse the major cancer driver genes as this can be undertaken in a single workflow.
  • Reduction in the number of tests that cancer patients have to endure.
  • Prevention of unwarranted prescribing of expensive targeted therapies to patients unlikely to benefit from them.

Demand for this technology from the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare organisations and private individuals stimulated the requirement for more space at Chesterford.

Gareth Williams, Co-Founder and Director of Oncologica commented of the expansion: The Oncofocus test now allows, for the first time, the direct linkage of a patient’s molecular profile to a wide portfolio of targeted therapies. The expansion of our facilities will allow us to deliver this revolutionary new technology to cancer patients Europe-wide helping to vastly improve treatment outcomes for people affected by this debilitating disease.”

Marco Loddo, Co-Founder and Director added: This is a very exciting era for personalised oncology. The Oncofocus test is a quantum step forward in making precision oncology a reality by delivering the right therapy to the right patient at the right time. The expansion of our laboratory facilities will further enable us to deliver this revolutionary technology for the benefit of patients worldwide.”

In addition to its personalised oncology service, Oncologica also offers molecular pathology diagnostic services for cancer diagnosis, patient stratification and personalised medicine and utilises its extensive knowledge base in anatomical and molecular oncopathology, companion diagnostics and translational medicine to provide high quality, cost effective contract research services for the development of cancer biomarkers and molecular targeted therapies.

The Science Village at Chesterford Research Park is an ideal HQ for both established and start-up companies which require flexible, high quality and prestigious self-contained accommodation.  The innovative, energy efficient building offers individual R&D suites ranging from 1,515 sq ft to 1,993 sq ft, plus excellent flexibility by combining spaces for larger occupation.  The fully fitted accommodation - served by high-speed data connectivity and Cat 6 cabling - is also supported by a back up generator. Each suite has demountable benching; two sinks and two fume hoods (with space for a third if required), housed within their own dedicated room.

For further information regarding occupancy options please contact the joint agents for Chesterford Research Park – William Clarke at Savills (01223) 347294 or Michael Jones at Dodson Jones (01223) 358114.