Marriott Sinclair move to Chesterford Research Park

Mathematical modelling company take remaining space within Garden Cottage.

Chesterford Research Park has confirmed that mathematical modeling company, Marriott Sinclair, have taken the three remaining suites within Garden Cottage.

Marriott Sinclair are a consulting business combined with a strong software capability, providing Monte Carlo modelling solutions to the insurance, banking, and science sectors. Founded in 2012, Marriott Sinclair now have six partners including Alun Marriott, the Chief Executive Officer, and Mark Sinclair-McGarvie, the Chief Technology Officer.

The company’s latest software offering is tycheTM, a cutting-edge Monte Carlo simulator, with “supercomputer” performance capabilities. tyche TM  is ideally suited to handle a wide range of modelling and optimisation problems accurately and efficiently.  This includes reinsurance optimisation, determination of optimal asset portfolios, or minimising capital requirements for insurers and banks.

Given tyche TM’s strong capabilities in Bayesian Statistics, including innovative Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms, tyche TM also has applications in areas such as genomics and pharmacology. Calculations that might have previously needed to run overnight can, with tyche, be run in minutes or seconds.

Mark Sinclair-McGarvie, Marriott Sinclair Chief Technology Officer, commented: “Our Tyche software is a game-changer for the industry.  We’re bringing supercomputer power to our clients, packaged up in an intuitive interface that’s as easy to use as a spreadsheet.”