A day in the life of John Levison, Nucleus Health & Fitness Manager

John Levison is the Nucleus Health & Fitness Manager and is responsible for the smooth running of all gym activities and ensuring that members are happy and enjoying pushing towards their fitness goals!

  • Tell me about your role
    My aim is to build a community within the Nucleus Health & Fitness Centre and ensure that above everything it’s a welcoming place for everyone to come and have fun, take a break from work and forget about the stress everyday life can bring. From the beginner to the focused athlete we aim to cater for everybody!

  • What does a typical day look like for you?
    My day starts at 5am. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback called ‘Simba’ so my first job of the day is to give him a run about before work!

    On arriving at work my first job is to ensure the Centre is safe for members by completing facility checks. I can then normally be found helping members on the Gym Floor with their training and offering advice.

    Our morning classes take place at 7.30am every day, which either I or my team teach in the Studio or on the Gym Floor. The classes last 30 mins. We also have classes at lunchtimes and after work.  I will always try and be available to help anyone as well as doing all the behind the scenes work which goes into running a Health & Fitness Centre or any small business (the details of which are outside the remit of these quick questions!!).

  • You have been with Nuffield for a number of years – can you give me a brief round-up of where you have worked and the experience you’ve gained?
    I was previously the Fitness Manager and Head Personal Trainer at David Lloyd in Cambridge. On joining Nuffield Health Corporate my first role was as a Fitness Manager for Deutsche Bank in the City.

    I then progressed to running a successful health club in Westminster for Government Departments, and then more recently a health club in Canary Wharf for Thomson Reuters, whilst also teaching classes and being a professional in demand Personal Trainer.

    In between I have also been a Response Police Officer for Essex Police dealing with 999 frontline emergencies ranging from modern day slavery and organised criminal gangs to everyday drug offences, weapons and domestic incidents.

  • What gives you job satisfaction?
    I like seeing members improve, achieve their goals and grow in confidence with the training I do with them.

  • What do you particularly like about working at Chesterford Research Park? What motivated you to come here?
    I think Chesterford Research Park is a beautiful place with lovely grounds which offers great opportunities for running and walking to escape work and take some time out. The other staff who work here are also very friendly and welcoming.

  • What, or who, inspires you and influences how you do your job?
    I have always been very active and had a keen interest in sport and health and fitness. I’ve allowed my passion to become my purpose and sure enough it has become my profession.

    I’ve been influenced in the past by previous line Managers I have had from a Business perspective. I have also been Influenced with a lot of my Martial Arts Black Belt Leaders especially in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. I have trained with London Shootfighters and Fightzone which is London’s biggest Martial Arts Gym in Bethnal Green and learnt a lot.

  • Are there any new initiatives you plan to implement this year to enhance the fitness and wellbeing experience for gym members that you can tell me about?
    I am currently putting together a 12 Month Plan for the club. My initial day-to-day focus is having the opportunity to speak to all the members to find out more about their individual goals and how I can help them on a personal level with their lifestyle and fitness objectives.

  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, reading and family time.

Quick fire Q & A:

  • Favourite exercise: Deadlift
  • Food heaven: Goodman Steakhouse in Mayfair
  • Food hell: I can’t answer this - I quite like all foods!!
  • Favourite post workout snack: Protein shake - pretty standard for a Personal Trainer
  • Best music to work out to: Varied mix of genres with music, not into heavy metal though!
  • Proudest sporting moment: Probably every time I won a football match as a 4-11yr old.
  • If you could have the opportunity to train with a current sports star/personality who would it be and why?
    I train with World Champions in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Shootfighters and Fightzone.
    I would like to train with Anthony Joshua (Boxing) and the England football or rugby team.
  • Summer or Winter Olympics? (or both!): Summer Olympics all the way for me - my sister’s the skier and snowboarder in my family!