Park Environment
A Stunning Natural Landscape

Chesterford Research Park’s stunning natural landscape, complete with beautiful arboretum and lakes draws the eye of all that visit the Park.

  • 250 acres of inspirational parkland as the backdrop to scientific discovery.
  • A low density and environmentally conscious development.
  • Rural yet convenient location free from the congestion of Cambridge.
  • Carefully considered landscaping giving a sense of space whilst retaining a community feel.
Tranquil, Inspiring Surroundings

The Park is located in a rural setting, close to the village of Little Chesterford and stands within some 250 acres.

The 19th Century Mansion is the centrepiece of the Park with its adjacent inner park and arboretum, with a wide array of mature parkland trees. The Nucleus (central hub facilities) is located at the heart of the Park, nestled within the arboretum and provides state-of-the-art facilities and interactivity for all tenants.  The outer Park comprises gently rolling fields defined by hedgerows, agricultural post and wire fences and woodlands.

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